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New Zealand Most Sexy Vol 1 - by Leo Pole

New Zealand Most Sexy Vol 1 - by Leo Pole

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New Zealand Most Sexy Vol 1 - by Leo Pole

New Zealand Most Sexy is a collection of more than thirty true, short stories relating to personal, most memorable sexual experiences. It is written by New Zealanders, about New Zealanders in New Zealand.

The content is erotic and sensual. It includes stories relating to many sexual preferences including, swinging, fetish, male and female bi-experiences, prostitution, gangbangs, voyeurism, cross-dressing, adultery, adult clubs, brothels and much, much more. 
If you want to read about husbands who encourage their wives to adulterate, a prostitute’s working life in a well-known Auckland brothel, a lady describing her first bi-experience in Taranaki, a man who loses his virginity with his childhood pen-pal, a nudist club meeting in Helensville, Masters and Mistresses, the Singles Ball on Stewart Island, then you want to read this book.
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