Screaming O - Ovation Kit
Screaming O - Ovation Kit

Screaming O - Ovation Kit


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Screaming O - Ovation Kit

The Screaming Ovation Kit has everything couples need for an unforgettable romantic experience in 2 convenient all-in-one kits one for tonight and one for the encore! Each includes personal lube, warming lube, 1 lubricated condom, 1 sensual wipe, 1 mint and the award-winning Screaming O vibrating ring, a disposable sex aid that helps couples have better and stronger orgasms together during intercourse.


  • Perfect all-in-one intimacy kit
  • Convenient, compact and completely disposable
  • 2 of everything for a Screaming Ovation – AND encore! – 2 Screaming O vibrating rings – 2 lubricated latex condoms – 2 personal lubricant packets – 2 warming lubricant packets – 2 personal cleansing towelettes – 2 mints

Additional Information:
• Disposable
• 2 vibrating rings with 30+ minutes of battery life each
• SEBS silicone vibrating ring
• Latex- and phthalate-free
• Wireless

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Screaming O - Ovation Kit
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