1000 Drinking Games
1000 Drinking Games
1000 Drinking Games

1000 Drinking Games

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1000 Drinking Games
If you're a person who easily gets bored like us, you probably get sick of playing the same old drinking games over and over when hanging out or pre-gaming with friends. With 1000 Drinking Games, you can put this problem in your rear view mirror and look forward to a seemingly endless supply of different ways to drink.
This box is full of incredible drinking goodness. Not only does it have 1,000 different games, but it also comes equipped with a bunch of playing cards, an instructional drinking die, two standard dice and more! It's the ultimate way to party, so make sure you have one for yourself the next time you have friends over to get hammered.
  • 10 Game Concept cards
  • 10 Plot Twist cards
  • 10 Next Round cards
  • One Categories card
  • One Tongue Twisters card
  • 11 Numerical Rank cards
  • Two Chug! cards
  • One spinner
  • Two standard dice
  • One drink assignment die
  • Game instructions 


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1000 Drinking Games
1000 Drinking Games
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