Jack Boot Paddle
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6 Drunk and Disorderly Labels

6 Drunk and Disorderly Labels


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6 Drunk and Disorderly Labels

These Novelty Girls Night Out DRUNK and DISORDERLY Labels are a fun way to inform all the girls of your drunk status throughout the night, and ensure you make the booze scooter home safely. Designed in the style of a high heal the wording on the front it reads 'Caution! I am Drunk! Don't Let Me *Vomit over the guy I fancy *Snog anyone unless hes buying the drinks *Phone any ex boyfriends. On the reverse of the label the wording reads: I'm afraid I've had too many! If found out of control/slumped over the toilet in a corner/up a lampost/drunk and disorderly please put in a taxi and return to: .............. This is a must have accessory on all good girls nights out and of course EVERY hen do!

Pack includes 6 x labels and silver band to attach to handbag or wrist


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