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A Pumpers Hand book

A Pumpers Hand book

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A Pumpers Hand book
The Pumper's Handbook is an all-out guide to enlarging your penis by using penis pumps. It goes through and explains different tips and techniques, providing many pictures and examples. If you were thinking about using a penis pump, but want to know a little more about it, or even if you have one, but just not sure of the best ways to go about using it for the maximum results, this book is for you.Generally, vacuum pumps can result in men gaining from 1 to 3 inches. After reaching maximum size, all you need to do is touch it up every so often. Until then, there is a certain method and schedule you can use to efficiently use your pump, and see the best results the fastest. There are also safety precautions to follow when using a pump. That is not something you want to mess around with without knowing exactly how. Also, at the end of the book, there is a question and answer section for additional information.
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