ElectraStim ElectraClamp
ElectraStim ElectraClamp

ElectraStim ElectraClamp


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ElectraStim ElectraClamp

ElectraClamp – Soft Grip Genital Clamp

Our ElectraClamp e-stim clamp might look like a mean piece of kit but its bark is worse than its bite. Clip this e-stim clamp onto any part of the penis, testicles or vulva and you’ll experience a light pinch accompanied by the erotic tingles of electrostimulation. Ideal for use as part of sensory play, the clamp has precision tips that conduct a strong sensation to a small surface area. Start off on a low intensity and build up power to maximise erotic effect.

The bi-polar design allows you to use the clamp with both tips live to maximise sensation. You can also use ElectraClamp as a uni-polar electrode alongside any other uni-polar electrode

As with all of our external electrodes, we recommend you lubricate our ElectraStim clamp with some conductive gel for the best experience.

Electrode Type Bi-Polar e-stim clamp with stainless steel contacts. For external stimulation – takes 2x 2mm pin connectors. 1 Bi-Polar Electro Clamp is included. You will need one of our ElectraStim stimulators (Flick, Flick Duo or Sensavox) to experience the sensations described.

Dimensions The tips measure 0.25 inches across. The clamp opens up to create a space of up to 2.25 inches between the tips of the clamps for a good fit on most body parts below the waist. (6mm – 57mm opening size)

Materials Stainless steel tips and acrylic handles.


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ElectraStim ElectraClamp
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