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Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game

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Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game
The Official 50 Shades of Grey Party Game from Imagination Games is bound to spice up any party or girls night in. With over 100 questions about the characters from the trilogy and their exploits and personalities, you can find out more about your friends and what they think about you.
All players listen to the question before secretly voting on which of the eight pre-determined friends they believe is the best match to the question. When everyone is ready, the answers are revealed for all to see. Once all the ‘Oohs’ & ‘Ahhs’ have died down any player that picked the same friend as the reader wins an Inner Goddess token. Bonus tokens can also be won and watch out for the special ‘Twitchy Palms’ questions that are worth double! The first player to collect 20 tokens wins the game and a ride in Charlie Tango … if only!
This is a must for any fans of the book and a great game to play with friends.


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