Funkart 40 Male Mug
Funkart 40 Male Mug

Funkart 40 Male Mug


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Funkart 40 Male Mug

Fine bone china mug and biscuit tin for the forty year old man. The tin and mug feature the following poem by punk lyricist Joe Scobie and artwork by funktart artist Bee.

Forty and life's just beginning, No time to lose, so start winning, You could pull any chick... if it weren't for your stick, Your paunch, and your grey hair, (that's thinning!)

The other side of the mug & tin has a graphic of a man with the following comments:

  • Short sighted
  • Bald patch
  • Excess nostril hair
  • Going deaf
  • Man boobs
  • Walking stick
  • Paunch
  • Hairy buttocks
  • Windy bum (parp)
  • Grey pubes Shrivelled plonker

...but otherwise a perfect 40 year old specimen

Subject to availability.
Funkart 40 Male Mug
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