Maia Silicone Ben Wa Balls Purple

Maia Silicone Ben Wa Balls Purple

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Maia Silicone Ben Wa Balls Purple

These silicone Ben Wa or Kegel Balls have a smooth finishing for non-stop erotic movement. They are covered in a silky soft medical grade which enjoyment is assured with your loved one or for solo fun. Made using RoHS compliant materials: 100% top medical grade Silicone. The ancient Chinese Ben Wa Balls! Easy to use. Insert and rock for the orgasm of your life. The millennium finished balls do not vibrate in the conventional way but rather by the natural kinetic energy created by your movement. Any movement you make will send shock waves of pure delight coursing through your body. For Kegel exercise. Women's sexual health. Kegels, or PC muscle exercises, are the easiest way to ensure and maintain your sexual health. Strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle, your pelvic floor muscle, makes for more intense orgasms, more sexual control, better urinary control, firmer erections and better prostate tone.

Size: 20mm.

Phthalate Free.

Always clean before and after use.

Subject to availability.
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