Lux Fetish Peek a Boo Red Love Mask

Lux Fetish Peek a Boo Red Love Mask

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Lux Fetish Peek a Boo Red Love Mask

Feeling inspired to try out mild BDSM or just want to heighten your other senses while experiencing pleasure? This Peek-a-Boo Love Mask is exactly what every playful couple needs. Be able to explore your kinkiest carnal fantasies with this smooth sexy velvet lined blindfold. Keep your mind alert and guessing - it's secure but comfortable too. This sexy velvet blindfold is adjustable due to its dual elastic strap that offers wide coverage - so you're sure that there is no peeking. Once you’re blindfolded, your other senses work double time making erotic action twice as pleasurable. Another great thing about this Peek-a-Boo Love Mask is that it can fit you and your partner both, allowing you to experience erotic sensation of being blindfolded together. Blindfolds are a classic sex tool to keep you guessing your partner's every move, every kiss and every lick. Mindblowing!


  • Sensory play
  • Blocks eye sight completely
  • Dual elastic strap design keeps the mask comfortably and securely in place
  • Feels soft and silky against the skin
  • Couples friendly
  • Unisex design is perfect for men, women
  • Beginners-friendly
  • BDSM must-have


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