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MyTenRing - Erectile Dysfunction Ring

MyTenRing - Erectile Dysfunction Ring

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MyTenRing - Erectile Dysfunction Ring
Achieve Your Maximum Erectile Potential
MyTenring has been engineered to constrict the blood flow, temporarily preventing blood from flowing out of the penis therefore giving the user maximum erectile potential.
Users of MyTenring will be able to sustain an erection for up to thirty minutes at a time without pain or irritation. These fantastic results are made possible through the unique design of the MyTenring.
The symmetrical inner nodes found within this ring efficiently restrict the flow of blood from the penis, enabling sustained erection, while the area between the nodes minimises pressure on the urethra and dorsal artery.
This enables blood to flow into the penis but restricts blood flow from the penis providing the man with a larger, firmer erection. A solid ring cannot achieve these results due to the indiscriminate pressure it places all around the penis – preventing normal blood flow into the penis.
Because some people struggle to use conventional penis rings, MyTenring’s design also incorporates four finger grips around the central ring to help men apply the device prior to sex and remove when finished.
Size Info:
MyTenring comes in four sizes, so it is important to ensure that you measure yourself before purchase to ensure you have the correct size ring.
TN01 27mm (Circumference 100-116mm) (SOLD OUT)
TN02 32mm (Circumference 116-132mm) (SOLD OUT)
TN03 37mm (Circumference 132-147mm) (SOLD OUT)
TN04 42mm (Circumference 147-163mm)
Just measure around the base of your erect penis shaft where the device will be situated. The dimension required is the girth/circumference measured in millimetres. If your girth/circumference measurement is on the borderline of the next ring size down or up, it is suggested you opt for the smaller of the 2 options.

Subject to availability.

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