Pink Lube Glass Bottle 120ml

Pink Lube Glass Bottle 120ml

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Pink Lube Glass Bottle 120ml

Formulated with Dimethicone, the highest grade of silicone, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, PINK provides a clean, fresh, moisturizing approach to personal lubrication.  

This unique formula reduces the possibility for infection or allergic reactions. And, it cleans up easily! PINK's sophisticated hand blown Italian glass bottle, both elegant and discreet, fits right in with other items on your dressing table or bathroom counter.   You'll almost hope someone notices!

Contains: 120ml Pink Ladies lubricant in a handmade Italian glass bottle.

Silicone-based: Silicone based lubes may damage some sex toys. We recommend water-based lubes for use with sex toys.

Subject to availability.
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