Rianne S Anas Trilogy 3 Set
Rianne S Anas Trilogy 3 Set

Rianne S Anas Trilogy 3 Set

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Rianne S Anas Trilogy 3 Set


All good things come in threes, also Ana's trilogy from RIANNE S. Named after the mother of all goddesses, Ana's trilogy invites to discover the goddess within you. Take control with these beautiful, elegant, female products of RIANNE S. Get back in touch with your desires, be comfortable in your body and with expressing your sexuality.

RIANNE S toys and accessories are well known for their quality and style. With this in mind we present Ana's trilogy!

This Venetian style masque is for women with class. The masque is stylish, sexy an d graceful and perfect to be worn for special occasions. This is the ultimate accessory to surprise and seduce your own Casanova with.
Nipples pasties
For the mischievous ladies among us; You can make yourself even more sexy by wearing these sexy pasties in purple sequins. A definite must have for the bedroom and beyond .
Faux leather whip
Use this faux-leather whip of RIANNE S for the perfect touch on the butt ocks. The flexible material is perfect for both soft and hard contact. Spanking has never been so much fun.
2x LR41 Batteries (included).
Subject to availability.
Rianne S Anas Trilogy 3 Set
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