Shopping Info

When you place an order for the first time you will create an account. This will allow you to check your order/s and edit your details on the My Account page. Your address details will be saved in your account to save you time with future orders if you are logged in. Credit card details WILL NOT be saved in your account.
You may provide a phone number when you create an account if you wish us to contact you by phone if there is a problem with your order. You do not need to provide a phone number. 
You do need to provide an email address and password as these will be your account login details. You will also need to provide an address for delivery.
There is a forgotten password link on the login page. This will send you an email to reset your password.  
Privacy & Discretion
Creating an account will add you to our newsletter mailing list unless you check the Opt Out box. You may Opt Out form our newsletters at any time from the My Account page OR the link provided in the newsletter.
We will also send emails to account holders that relate active orders or account issues. These emails are not newsletters and opting out from newsletters will not disable them. 
Click here to see our privacy policy.
Get Our Best Deals In Your Inbox
If you opt in to our mailing list then we will send you our Peaches & Cream email newsletters from time to time (usually about once a month). These may include general promotions and PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY DEALS. 
Store Credit
Some promotions and offers may involve store credit being applied to your account. If you have store credit it will show as credit at checkout. You can check your store credit balance and transactions on the My Account page.
Facebook & Twitter
If your a facebook user and you "like" us then you'll get links to our facebook deals, news and promotions right in your news feed as they happen.  Following us on Twitter will have similar benefits.
Connect Using Facebook
If you are a facebook user may wish to use the Connect using Facebook link to save time with account creation and login. This feature grabs your details from Facebook to save time (you will need to add your delivery address as Facebook does not store this information).
With the connection established you will be able to login to Peaches & Cream with one click when you are signed in to Facebook. Simply click the Connect using Facebook link.
You will be able to check your order/s and edit your details on the My Account page. Changing the email address in My Account will break the connection and you will need to reset your password for Peaches & Cream login.
Peaches & Cream will not apear on your Facebook feed when you use this feature. You can view/remove it from your Facebook account on the Account Settings page, Apps tab. Connect using Facebook allows this website to acess your basic Facebook information, Facebook profile information and send you emails to the address assosiated with your Facebook account.