System Jo Hybrid Sachet 3ml

System Jo Hybrid Sachet 3ml


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System Jo Hybrid Sachet 3ml

A perfect combination of long lasting silicone and gentle water based ingredients, Hybrid lube by System Jo has a great thicker, easily placed texture that adds immeasurable slipperiness to your chosen pleasure pursuit. Perfect for all kinds of sexual exploits as well as masturbation and toy play, this lube lasts till the end thanks to the silicone, but rinses off skin and fabrics with plain water.

Compatible with condoms and other latex gear.

  • Latex safe
  • Long lasting
  • Stain free

(picture shown may be of a different pack size)

Contains Silicone: Silicone lubes may damage some sex toys. We recommend water-based lubes for use with sex toys.

Subject to availability.
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