WOLF Guarana Energy Pills x6 capsules

WOLF Guarana Energy Pills x6 capsules

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WOLF Guarana Energy Pills x6 capsules

WOLF Guarana Energy Pills

WOLFs mad scientists have developed a high strength energy concoction that will blow all energy drinks out of the water. Each bottle has 6 energy pills and they have the same boost as 15 x 250ml energy drinks. So don’t go secretly dropping em into Nana’s cup of tea for laughs…unless you’re keen to see her twerk later at dinner.

Responsible Consumption:
The WOLF team are excited about their products but request they are consumed responsibly! WOLF products contain a guarana energy formula that like an energy drink or cup of coffee, gives you a boost and helps you stay alert. Its important to them that WOLF is consumed responsibly and want to draw to everyone’s attention to the below warning which is printed on all WOLF Energy packaging: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN, PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN, OR INDIVIDUALS SENSITIVE TO CAFFEINE. 

If you or someone you know has consumed a WOLF product and is struggling to get to sleep, don’t panic as these products contain caffeine which is a stimulant and eventually its impact diminishes as our bodies filter the caffeine from our system

Contains: Caffeine


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