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Zolo Pocket Pool 6 Pack
Zolo Pocket Pool 6 Pack

Zolo Pocket Pool 6 Pack

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Zolo Pocket Pool 6 Pack
If you like the Tenga Egg you will love these.
Impeccably discreet strokers that sacrifices absolutely no pleasure in exchange for stealth, the Pocket Pools are, needless to say, ideal for solo sessions just about anywhere, and work wonders as a hand-job helper with a partner, too.
Pop open the plain black spherical case to reveal the Pocket Pool itself, the soft, ultra stretchy little ball lengthens impressively to cover every inch of the cock in question. Each version of the Pocket Pool line features an intensely stimulating unique texture that remains steadfast throughout, the raised bumps and ridges massage and grip in time with stroking. 
Made of a super soft, ultra safe proprietary blend of supple materials, Pocket Pools are compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Zolo recommends one-time use only.

Step up your amateur game with the 6-Pack Zolo Pocket Pool set! Featuring all six Pocket Pool texture varieties, the 6-Pack hits the apex of your pleasure with distinctly satisfying results. 


  • Zolo Pocket Pool 8 Ball
  • Zolo Pocket Pool Corner Pocket
  • Zolo Pocket Pool Rack Em
  • Zolo Pocket Pool Straight Shooter
  • Zolo Pocket Pool Sure Shot
  • Zolo Pocket Pool Susie Cue


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Zolo Pocket Pool 6 Pack
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