Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Pleasure Party in New Zealand

Essential Tips for Planning a Successful Pleasure Party in New Zealand

Feb 09, 2024

So, you're planning a pleasure party? Well, aren't you the cheeky one! But hold on, before you start blowing up those risqué balloons and ordering that naughty nibbles platter, there's a few things you need to know.

First off, it's not all fun and games (well, actually it is, but you get the point). There's a bit of planning involved. You've got to think about the guest list, the venue, the entertainment and let's not forget, the safety word.

So strap in (or on), because we're about to dive into the nitty-gritty of planning a pleasure party. By the time we're done, you'll be ready to throw a bash that'll have your neighbours blushing for weeks.

The Importance of Planning

The saying goes, "fail to plan and you're planning to fail". This is incredibly true when it comes to throwing a pleasure party. You wouldn't jump into a heated game of rugby without first knowing the rules, would you? But don't sweat 'cause we're here to furnish you with action-packed insight.

Throwing a brief examination on the stats, it's quite clear the heat's intensifying in Kiwi-land.
Last year, our toy sales from Peaches and Cream alone skyrocketed to a whopping 50% increase!

2019 Sales 2020 Sales
Adult Toy Sales × ⬆ 50% increase

This clearly paints the picture of more folk exploring their wild side. But let's put a pause on the data chat, dig a little deeper into why planning your pleasure party is a must.

Imagine your party plummeting from a haven of hedonism to a dull display of disappointment because you raced to set out glow-in-the-dark dildos but forgot to properly brief your guests about safewords. An unpleasant situation, I'm sure you'd agree.

On the other hand, consider how much smoother it'd be if you took time to plan well: there's a well-stocked door prize of cheeky butt plugs, an array of entertaining games involving rabbit vibrators - creating an enticing atmosphere that builds anticipation amongst your guests.

Planning also helps take the stress off since, well, you've done all the hard work beforehand. It enables you a chance to relax, embrace the wildness and become an active participant rather than a frazzled host stuck refilling the KY Jelly pump rather than joining the fun!

Creating the Guest List

Folks, ain't no party without guests! So here's the thing, organising your guest list for your treasure of a pleasure party is no casual affair. You have to be surgical, scrupulous, meticulous - basically all those fancy sounding words that mean 'you should be taking this seriously'.

One of the first things you'll need to consider is the size of the party. Do you want an intimate gathering, full of whispered secrets whilst passing the Merlot, or are you aiming for an all-out extravaganza that'll have the neighbourhood peering through the blinds in curiosity?

Case Study: Our beloved client Jane from Christchurch hit the nail on the head when she created a mixed bag guest list for her pleasure party. A small group of close friends, spiced up with a couple of wild cards thrown in for good measure!

As host, you've got the power. You're the one who decides the party dynamics. It's key to invite guests who’ll engage in the spirit of the event, are open-minded, and will stimulate tantalising conversation. A riveting chat about the latest hot gossip? Totally fine! A passionate debate about whether Silicone Lube or Water-Based Lube is best for Magic Wands? Even better!

Here's a big bold important fact for you – adult toy sales in New Zealand shot up by a whopping 65% in the past year! Now, I’m not suggesting you invite all those lonely hearts who contributed to that statistic. However, it does prove that Aotearoa is ripe and ready for pleasure parties.

So, my party enthusiasts, put pen to paper, start brainstorming that guest list! Just remember – the right mix of friends, a sprinkle of new faces, and an openness to talk about the world of pleasure can turn an ordinary shindig into a fabulous fiesta!

Choosing the Perfect Venue

Ready to take the next big leap in your pleasure party planning journey, eh? Well, you're in for a treat. Or better yet, in for a treat and a little adventure ‘cos choosing the perfect venue can be more exciting than trying out those new glow-in-the-dark handcuffs you’ve just ordered from Peaches & Cream!

Alright. Getting down to the brass tacks the sort of venue you choose can have a major impact on the vibe of the party. Just like how a new toy can add a whole different twist to your playtime if you get my drift!

Whether you choose a cosy homely space or a funky club in Auckland the event's venue sets the stage for whatever that follows. And believe us when we tell you, no one wants to discuss the fine art of role play in a setting that reminds them of their great aunt’s living room!

Therefore you need a place that matches the spirit of your party. Spacious enough so your guests aren't shoulder to shoulder with mannequins dressed up in colourful lingerie. Private enough to allow the pleasure party to stay a pleasure party and not become a feature on the nightly neighbourhood watch report.

Consider places like a friendly local pub with a private function room a boutique hotel with charming rooms or even a day on a secluded beach if the weather permits. How about hiring a private yacht and throwing a pleasure party right in the midst of the beautiful harbour of Wellington? Remember it's all about making sure the place feels comfortable safe and welcoming for your guests.

So get those creative juices flowing and keep in mind the comfort and discretion of your guests when choosing a venue. Cos hey a pleasure party isn't just about bringing out the toys... it's also about setting the right scene for them to shine!

By now you might be wondering "What's next?". Ah, yes! Choosing the right menu where we delve into the world of aphrodisiacs. Trust me you're in for a surprise there. Wait for it...

Entertainment Considerations

In the midst of planning the perfect pleasure party, you've definitely got to consider the entertainment! It's no ordinary party, mate, and so, your entertainment has to be nothing short of extraordinary!

Brace yourselves, here's a bouncer. No pleasure party is complete without an array of adult toys from Peaches & Cream. Ah, look at that cheeky grin on your face! You know it makes sense! As an old-timer in this field, why, I've experienced parties going from meh to mind-blowing, thanks to a careful selection of goodies.

Here's what you want: a variety of options. So, ensure there's something for everyone. No, Barry, this ain't about a buffet of sausage rolls and club sandwiches. Think deluxe vibrators for folks who want to indulge in some luxury, dildos and butt plugs for the brave and adventurous ones, and perhaps a coy feather tickler or two for the beginners. Remember, comfort is key, so always have a conversation with your guests before making the selection.

Humour me with this quick bit of trivia. Did ya know, in the past year, Peaches & Cream noted a considerable rise in adult toy sales in New Zealand? That's the spirit, Kiwis! Let's boost those numbers even more!

To make your entertainment truly memorable, why not incorporate games involving these adult toys, eh? Games like 'Pin the Tail on the Dildo', or 'Bobbing for Butt Plugs' could get people laughing and keep the mood light and fun. Trust me, nothing brings people closer like a competitive game of 'Find the Vibrator'; the lights are dim and the pressure's on — fun, I tell ya!

Prioritizing Safety

Oh, let's talk safety, you pleasure-seeking party planner!

Fact of the day: Safety and naughtiness are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, they can work incredibly well together, in synergy, sorta like Batman and Robin. They balance each other out, ensuring your pleasure party is not just fantastic, but safe too.

Keeping your party safe doesn't mean you have to become that boring health and safety inspector. More like a sexy secret agent, lurking in the shadows ensuring all is under control.

So, where do we start? With the goodies of course, also known as your adult toys. Now, you might be worried that bringing up safety might kill the vibe but believe me, nobody's mojo's dialing down when you make sure all toys come from a reputable seller, like us at Peaches & Cream.

Our hanky-panky toys are up to NZ's safety standards, keeping you and your guests free from any unpleasant surprises. Besides, isn't it exciting to be the pleasure party host who boasts about the fantastic quality of your naughty novelties? Trust me, your guests will sing praises about your meticulous planning and thoughtfulness!

Equally important to consider when prioritising safety is consent. In a world where 'no' isn't always heard, making it explicitly clear that 'no' means 'no' will make your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. It's all about respect, right? Keep this infusion of respect flowing in your party and it'll surely be the talk of the town!

Here's the thing: anyone feeling unwell, mentally or physically, obviously ain't going to enjoy the party. So, make sure you have a safe space where guests can take a breather, chat, or even snooze if they wish to – just like your nana's house, but with an edgy twist.

Oh, and we can't forget about the importance of using each toy correctly. How about tutorial games? You got the idea, deviations from a night of educational erotica are only welcome.

By making safety a priority at your party, you're practically dressing up as a superhero—just with a lot less spandex involved. I mean, unless that's your thing... enjoy! Now, about that menu...


So there you have it, party planner extraordinaire! You're now well-versed in the art of throwing a top-notch pleasure party. Remember, it's all about the planning, the safety, and of course, the fun! New Zealand's adult toy sales aren't skyrocketing for nothing, right?

Keep those toys safe and sound, and remember, no one likes a party pooper, so consent and comfort are key. And who knew tutorial games could be such a hoot?

As for the next time, we'll be diving into the delicious world of aphrodisiacs and menus that'll make your guests go "Ooh la la!" Until then, happy party planning!

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