Exploring Anal Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Toys and Sensations

Exploring Anal Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Toys and Sensations

Feb 07, 2024

Ever thought about spicing up your love life with a bit of backdoor fun? Well, you're in the right place, mate! We're about to embark on a cheeky journey into the world of anal play. And no, it's not as scary as you might think – it's just like exploring a new city, only this city is located in your pants.

Finding the Right Toy

You're now in the "Finding the Right Toy" district of Anal Play City, an exciting area chock-full of shiny novelties and potential pleasure. It's much like stepping into a sweet shop, but around here, licorice laces are swapped out for silicone toys!

Size Does Matter

Ever try to squeeze your four-door saloon into a tight parking spot meant for a compact car? That's pretty much how it feels when you choose a sex toy that's too large for anal play. It's about as comfortable as a ferret in a trouser leg. Instead of going for the whopper, start small and work your way up. Interestingly enough, for beginners, a finger-sized toy is usually a good starting point. It's always essential to remember: This is not a race to see who can stuff the most into their rear compartment.

Materials and Features

Aside from size, materials matter too. Often you'd find toys made of silicone, glass, or stainless steel - all body safe and easier to clean than a cat who's developed an unhealthy fondness for rolling in dustbins.

Toys with a flared base are your best friends when it comes to anal play. It's just like having a trusty native guide in a foreign city, except this guide's job is to prevent your toy from getting lost in the uncharted territory of your tushie.

Let's not forget about the nifty features. Some anal toys come with a vibration feature that's as zestful as a Spanish flamenco dancer. These lively little numbers can enhance your play and provide a unique sensation unlike any other.

Choose Your Dealer

When looking for the right toy, consider the source too. Just as you wouldn't buy a used car without a logbook, you shouldn't buy a sex toy without confidence in its quality and safety. That's where we at Peaches & Cream come in. We provide only the finest quality and body safe toys for your exploratory needs. Plus, we can't credit Karma enough for our sparkling customer reviews.

Understanding Anal Anatomy

Hey there, bold explorer! Ready to dive deeper? Brilliant! Before you venture into the wonderful world of anal toys, it's crucial to understand a thing or two about your anatomy. Here's the scoop.

First off, remember the golden rule - your anus isn’t a self-lubricating superstar like the vagina. So, for all your love of dry humour, dry anal play isn't funny. It can lead to discomfort and injury! Luckily, with a generous helping of lubricant (we recommend water or silicone-based), you're off to the races!

Next, let's talk about the star of the show the anal canal. This isn't just a tunnel of love; it's an intricate network of highly sensitive nerve endings, waiting to be discovered.

As you venture in, you'll encounter two muscle rings: the inner and outer sphincters. Think of them as enthusiastic gatekeepers to Anal Play City. They might seem a bit tight and unyielding at first (insert witty joke about uptight neighbours here). But with a bit of patience, the right toys from our trusty shelves at Peaches & Cream, and ample lubrication, they'll welcome you in.

The best part? The outer sphincter is under your control. You can contract and relax it at will, allowing you to set the pace for your exploration. The inner sphincter, however, has a mind of its own. It'll take time to loosen up. Like a grumpy uncle who warms up to the idea of holiday festivities after a pint or two.

Finally, channel your inner pioneer spirit, remember this isn't a rush-through tour. Unleash your curiosity and take the time to get to know the nooks and crannies, the textures and sensations that your anatomy offers.

Safe and Hygienic Play

Well, look at you, all ready to take a walk on the wild side down Anal Play Street! But before you get ahead of yourself, let's chat about something every bit as sexy as lube - hygiene. After all, this isn't yard sale shopping, and you're certainly not searching for hidden gems in the back alley here, if you know what I mean.

First things first - cleanliness is not just next to godliness but also crucial for a safe playtime. Regular showering is good, but to prevent any 'unwanted surprises', consider a douche. A simple bulb really could be your best mate here, but if the thought of an anal douche sends you into a cold sweat, just hopping onto the loo beforehand goes a long way. Phew, isn't it relaxing not to have that hovering over your head?

Right, on to the 'equipment' itself. Always clean your toys before and after use. Warm soapy water and a good scrubbing, as though the queen herself were coming to inspect them, is generally all you'll need. For those bacteria-banishing enthusiasts among you, there are also toy cleaners available from any ace provider like Peaches & Cream.

Remind yourself that this isn't a marathon, rather an expedition. You shouldn't rush the process. From prepping up with a good clean up to practising safe play with the right equipment and the best practices - always remember, the devil is in the detail, luv.

With all your builders clean (toys, for some of you who didn't get the joke), you're almost ready to set sail. Don't forget to let your toys dry completely before storing to ensure they're ready for your next adventure round Anal Play City. Store them in a cool dark place and for the love of hygiene keep them away from dust, lint and your curious cat, Mr. Whiskers.

Lubrication is Key

Now that you've sorted and chosen your appropriate toy, it's time to discuss another grand boulevard of Anal Play City: The Lubrication Lane. Residents often refer to it as the city's most slippery street. But, oh mate, it's the slipperiest bit you don't want to skimp out on. Missing this one may just land you in Frustration Junction. Buckle up mate, let's dive right in.

Being unlike its close neighbour, Vagina Ville, Anal Play City isn't a self-lubing destination. It needs your help to keep the slide smooth. The logic is simple, the more the merrier. So load up on that lube. No, it's not debatable. Your posterior precinct doesn't come with in-built slickness. So even though you may be as hardy as an experienced Kiwi hiker, you still need weight in the lube department.

Lubes generally come in three formulas:

  • Water Based (Fancy a quick romp? This one's for you.)
  • Silicone Based (Long sessions must call for this bad boy.)
  • Oil Based (Advisable for solo trips. Not condom-friendly, mind you!)

Feel free to experiment with these on your own or mix 'n' match to suit your comfort levels. It's much like your favourite Kiwi barbecue menu. Mix anything and everything until you find your favourite combination.

For a beginner, a water-based lube might be your best bet. It's easier to clean and won't leave you feeling like you've slid down a muddy hill. Silicone lube should be your pick if you're aiming for a marathon. It won't evaporate or get absorbed, letting you stay slippery for longer periods. But remember, it's a big no-no with silicone toys.

Keeping all this in mind, you're nearing the point of no return. You're prepped and poised to dive into the exhilarating, incredible world of anal play. Bon Voyage! Wait, there's more. We've got to talk about aftercare. But, that's a whole different chapter in itself.

Experimenting with Sensation

Well, you are getting the hang of it, aren't you mate? Now that lubrication's tackled, it's time to take things up a notch: Sensations. Oh yes, the almighty “to feel or not to feel” question in the world of anal play.

Listen, It's More Than Just a Toy

Anal toys, you see, are more than just simulated phalluses; they come in various shapes, sizes and, drum-roll a variety of sensations. From beads that pop, plugs that stretch, to vibrators that hum, there's a whole smorgasbord of sensational gadgets waiting for your behind.

Sidenote: If you're a first-timer, go for a smaller, smoother toy. It's better to start slow and smart than go all Arnold Schwarzenegger on your derrière!

Squirming Over Vibrations

Ah, the humdrum life of a vibrator - constantly battling misconceptions! Newsflash: Vibrators offer more than just internal stimulation. Imagine waves of pleasure that not only stimulate your anal region but also send a seismic wave of pleasure to your entire lower body! The Vibrating Butt Plug has your back…and front.

Pleasure Pearls: Anal Beads

Ever wondered what Shirley Temple would feel like if she got the kicks from a can-can line inside? Well, enjoy a similar sensation, Anal Beads style! Each bead on the string, when gradually pulled out, induces a pleasurable sensation akin to multiple mini climaxes.

Not Just Stretch, It’s About the Girth Too!

Penetrative anal toys such as Butt Plugs and Anal Dildos aren't just about mimicking a penetrative feel. They can put pressure on just the right spots, offering a stretch, a sense of fullness, and gleaning intense pleasure from your hidden erogenous zones.

So there you have it, folks! In the wondrous land of anal play, sensation is the word du jour. Remember to check back in for more tantalising topics as we delve deeper into the rollicking rabbit hole of backdoor fun.


So, you've traipsed through the tantalising terrain of toys for your tushy! Remember, it's not about the size, it's how you use it. Or in this case, what it feels like when you do! From popping beads to vibrating wonders, there's a whole world of sensations waiting to tickle your fancy.

Whether you're a fan of the fullness of penetrative toys or the tantalising tease of anal beads, there's something for every booty. So, don't be shy, give it a try! And remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg, or should we say, the plug? There's plenty more to explore in the world of anal play. So, keep your eyes peeled and your cheeks ready for more exciting topics coming your way. Your backdoor adventures have only just begun!

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