Exploring Trending Sensory Play Accessories for the Modern Adult Bedroom

Exploring Trending Sensory Play Accessories for the Modern Adult Bedroom

Feb 07, 2024

Well, aren't you a cheeky one, snooping around for the latest adult accessories to spice up your modern boudoir? Don't worry, we're not here to judge. We're here to guide you through the wild, wonderful world of grown-up toys.

So, you've grown tired of your vanilla bedroom antics and you're ready to dip your toes into something a bit more... "50 Shades", shall we say? Well, buckle up, buttercup, because it's about to get exciting.

From the subtly suggestive to the downright daring, there's a whole range of trending adult accessories out there just waiting to add a dash of spice to your late-night escapades. So, let's dive right in, shall we?

Understanding the Modern Bedroom

Welcome to the future, folks! We've left behind the era of squeaky brass beds and pink satin sheets. Today, nothing is more adventurous, or screams 'I've arrived', like your personal space - the modern bedroom. And it’s not about the décor or the 1000-count Egyptian cotton luxury bedsheets, oh no. It's the toys. The grown-up, fun-loving, blush-engendering accessories.

Let’s kick off with an indispensable part of the menu – lubricants. Not only do they make everything operate smoothly, they also create a good friction coefficient. Now, that's a term you don't hear often in intimate matters. Dr. Hayley, a sexual health expert in New Zealand, claims that using quality lubricants can enhance sexual pleasure by 70%. What was that? Did I hear someone say, "Add to cart"?

Next up, we have handcuffs. Not the scary, law enforcement type, mind you. These are the plush, gentle-on-your-wrist kinds. According to a survey we conducted at Peaches & Cream, our customers have boldly ventured beyond the stereotypical 'Furry Pink' and graduated to 'Midnight Black' and 'Passionate Purple'. What an adventurous lot you are!

And how could we forget – vibrators. If there's one thing that people learned in lockdown, it's that a vibrator is an absolute must-have. Forget iPads and Kindles; a latest-generation model can guarantee you an evening of endless pleasure. Here’s to some serious self-love!

You've now had a closer glimpse into the modern bedroom – a place that cherishes both comfort and adventure, and certainly doesn’t shy away from a little scandal. Are you intrigued? Ready for a bit of fun and frisson? Your bedroom, your rules. It's time to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

The world of adult accessories is far more exciting than you could've ever imagined. Accessories are no longer just about the daring and suggestive – they’ve been fully incorporated into the mainstream. Today, they tally with pleasure and play. Remember always to choose wisely and, proceed with a dash of audacity. After all, the bedroom is a stage, and you, my friend, are the star performer.

The Importance of Adult Accessories

You've probably had a chuckle or two over the new, adventurous additions to your nights in. But, let's put the giggles aside. Why are we seriously talking about the importance of adult accessories? Well, we're not just having a giggle mate, these are important steps towards sexual wellness!

Now, don’t look so cheeky, we know you're curious. The sudden entrance of adult accessories into the mainstream isn't just a random tantrum of our kinky minds. Research data from the New Zealand Sexual Health Society (NZSHS) provides an intriguing twist. You may raise an eyebrow to learn that customers who include adult accessories into their sex life report a higher level of satisfaction!

Customers without adult accessories 70% Satisfaction
Customers using adult accessories 88% Satisfaction

Nope, we haven't had a bit too much Kiwi wine. Those numbers are legit. Those toys and accessories you've been experimenting with? They're not just for a bit of fun. They're revolutionary tools in the journey of self-discovery and pleasure.

Take vibrators, for example. Formerly viewed as a cheeky secret, these buzzing companions have proven their worth. Users find them helpful in everything from stress relief to, well, some rather loud climaxes. If that doesn't quantify the importance of adult accessories, we don't know what does!

Then, there are the accessories previously only whispered about, such as handcuffs and lubes. Handcuffs? Might be a bit much for the faint-hearted, but consider this – those wild customers at Peaches & Cream who've given 'em a go prefer them over mere vanilla encounters.

Now lubricants, the holy grail of adult accessories. Thought it was just to ease up a dry situation? Think again! The different varieties of lubes, from flavoured to warming, bring their unique enhancements to the party. After all, every Kiwi loves a good BBQ, and variety is the spice of life.

Subtly Suggestive Accessories

Now that you've gotten an introduction to the fun-filled universe of adult accessories, it's time to dive into the less spoken, more innocent-looking but certainly more revealing world of subtly suggestive accessories! Winks. These seemingly subtle implements vividly paint the landscape of your intimate moments. So brace yourself!

Then there's the blindfold. No, I don't mean your granny's sleep mask! A proper, sexy blindfold serves two purposes - it heightens your remaining senses and adds an element of intrigue to your saucy sessions. Not knowing what'll hit you (hopefully not a loaded paintball gun) next, and yet trusting your partner to do all the right things, adds just the right dash of spice!

Last but not the least, let’s talk about nipple clamps! Wait, before you squirm and click away, hear me out. These tantalising tools are not just for those walking on the wild side of BDSM. They can be a pleasantly shocking addition to your vanilla escapade. With adjustable pressure settings, they help stimulate blood flow and enhance sensitivity. Essentially, they bring the heat up from “ah” to “Oh my goodness!”

Each accessory has its own charm and uncharted territory to explore. Peppering them into your sexual wellness routine can add that unexpected, but very much appreciated cherry on top!

Edgy and Daring Accessories

Moving onto the realm of naughtier trinkets, this part will compel you to fasten your seat belts. Brace yourselves, we're going to explore the world of edgy and daring adult accessories. No worries, it's not as scary as it sounds.

First in line, Pleasure Balls. Now, these aren't your average Christmas baubles! Originating from the An Ge in China, they've been enjoyed since 500AD. Designed to be inserted and left in place, these balls bring a whole new meaning to the term multitasking. Why bead your sweat at the gym when you can spice up your morning jog!

On a similar note, have you heard of the Prostate Massager? Sort of an unsung hero, really. If you're a man, it is high time you discover the joy of prostate. We've had countless blokes come to us, their eyes gleaming with the newfound happiness. As one of our valued customers, George, puts it, “It's like finding a secret amusement park in your backyard.” Figuratively speaking, of course!

Taking a step further, let's talk about something that'll make even the boldest go blushy - bondage gear. Don't go all sheepish on us now. From cuffs to collars and exotic ropes, there's a whole universe waiting to be explored. It's all about trust and as long as you play safe, the thrill it can bring to your intimate moments is beyond measure.

And then there are nipple and clit clamps. Don't knock 'em till you try them, they say. You wouldn't believe the number of customers that have come back raving about those precious little pinchy things.

Talking point, cock rings. You didn't think we would forget this one now, did you? With varieties from vibrating to lighting up, it's Trafalgar Square's New Year's Eve fireworks at the comfort of your home.

Well, these are just a few trinkets from Pandora's box. The world of adult toys is constantly evolving. So who knows what exciting goodie is waiting to be unveiled next?

Accessories for Role Play

Turning your eyes away from standard sex toys and catching a glimpse of the role play accessories aisle, you might feel a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole. But this isn’t Wonderland, dear friend. You simply find yourself in the intriguing world of role play accessories.

Have you tried role play before? If not, don’t fret. You're not boarding the Titanic. No, it's more like embarking on a playful journey to the Moon - without any risk of failure!

Role play accessories come in various flavours. If you're more of the "novice" type, you ought to give eye masks a try. They go a long way in breaking the initial barriers of shyness and helping you feel like a 'whole new you' without the need for elaborate setups. Trust me, with just one deliciously soft silk eye mask, you'll unlock a whole new world of senses... and we're not even on the role play accessory bus proper yet!

For those a bit more adventurous, a teacher-student scenario might tickle your pickle. A rule (yes, the measuring type) could be a surprisingly edgy inclusion to your stash. The anticipation of the cold hard rule against your skin can make you squirm delightfully. And anyway, why not turn something from the stationery aisle into titillating utilisation in the bedroom, right?

But if you're the kind to go full steam ahead, gear up for a Police Officer theme. Holsters, cuffs, badges, you name it. You’re in for some commanding role play promising to push your limits. If you've been harbouring fantasies of wielding authority or submitting to it, you don't require an audition for a DC comic film. Just get yourself a faux-leather police cap and brace yourself for a tantalising 'law and order' session.

So there you have it, folks. Grab a few props, get out of the everyday’s monotone, and unlock some new experiences. Remember, when it comes to bedroom play, the limit does not exist. At the risk of sounding like a spokesperson for cliché, variety really is the spice of life.

Accessories for Sensory Play

Alright, let's dive a bit deeper into bedroom toys, shall we? This time we'll be exploring the exciting world of sensory play. Ooh, sounds intriguing, has got a bit of a zing to it, don't it?

Sensory play toys are not just about evoking giggles and squirms. They're designed to heighten your senses, to create an intensified experience you won't forget in a hurry. A bit like a rollercoaster ride, only better.

Feathers and ticklers are a go-to when it comes to sensory play, right? They're great for teasing all those hidden spots that have been feeling neglected. 

And then there are the bondage tape and restraints. Ooh, kinky you think? Maybe. Or maybe it's just about feeling secure, contained, focused. It helps you narrow down to just the sensations and nothing else. Rather like those noise-cancelling headphones, only for the bedroom.

But don’t think sensory play is all about the touchmate. It's worth considering blindfolds and masks. When one of your senses like sight is taken away, it's amazing how the others seem to ramp up to compensate! You'll feel things so much more intensely. And I'm not just talking the cold side of the pillow sort of intense.

So you see, sensory play isn't just about creating unforgettable moments; it's about enhancing the whole experience, every single time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some sensory play accessories to invent. Something about a sound proof set of pyjamas... Well, you never know what might be the next big thing in the modern bedroom.

Accessorizing for Bondage and Restraint

Welcome to the world of not-so-50-Shades, where "kinky" isn't just a hair type! Bondage and restraint—as a part of sensory play—offer a thrilling twist on the traditional tango under the sheets. Yet remember, it's not about control. It's about trust and pushing boundaries—and, of course, having a bit of fun.

Ever tried hopping on one foot while chewing gum and thinking about Quantum Physics? It's not easy, is it? Well, imagine how much easier it'd be if you only had to focus on the chewing gum! That's where restraints come in with bondage. They minimise distractions, focusing your attention purely on sensations. Kind of like yoga but without the downward dog.

Bondage tape, for some, can be as crucial as morning coffee or that midday chocolate escape. It's versatile, easy to use, and leaves no sticky residue. Bit like a celeb, it leaves no traces but standout memories. Bondage tape not only helps you achieve the highest levels of comfort but also provides a feeling of security, enhancing the whole experience.

But what's a sensory game without the queen of accessories, the blindfold? Going by the motto, "What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over," blindfolds and masks raise the stakes in sensory play. They literally turn your world dark—kind of like power cut, but much more exciting. With sight out of the equation, your other senses work overtime, creating an intensified experience.

Here's a bold fact: A 2017 survey showed that approximately 19.3% of New Zealand adults used some form of bondage accessories. That's nearly one in every five! It's not a secret club anymore; it's mainstream.

So next time you're deciding between the negligee or the novelty police outfit, take a moment to consider adding in the not-so-naughty-after-all world of restraints. It's your personal invitation to the realm where sensation and sensitivity take the front seat for an unforgettable journey.


So, there you have it! You're now on the cutting edge of bedroom accessories. Who knew bondage tape could be as versatile as duct tape and a lot more fun? And blindfolds aren't just for surprise parties anymore. They're your ticket to a sensory roller coaster, right in the comfort of your boudoir.

Remember, it's not about being kinky, it's about being mindful. Just like yoga, but with more leather. So go on, give these trendy accessories a whirl. After all, who doesn't want to be a bit more mainstream? Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some shopping to do. Happy accessorising!

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