Guiding Your Way To Playtime: Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship with Ease

Guiding Your Way To Playtime: Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship with Ease

Feb 07, 2024

Well, well, well! Look who's ready to spice things up in the bedroom, or kitchen, or wherever you're getting jiggy with it. You've decided to introduce sex toys into your playtime, and that's brilliant! It's like adding a dash of chilli to your favourite dish - it might make you sweat a bit, but boy, does it add some zing!

We're not talking about going full 'Fifty Shades of Grey' here, unless that's your thing (no judgement!). It's about finding that little extra something to add to your love life. You know, like when you find a tenner in your old jeans. Unexpected, but oh so delightful!

How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

Picking out your first sex toy might feel as overwhelming as a kid in a sweet shop. But sweetie, the thrill's worth it, trust me! You've got your dildos, your vibrators, your anal toys, and a sprinkling of BDSM options. Here's a quick rundown to help you wade through the thrilling assortment!

Do Some Soul-Searching First

Figure out what makes your toes curl. What really gets you going? Everyone's different, so understanding where your real pleasures lie is crucial. Before you dash off to splurge on a glossy new playtime companion, ask yourself the nitty-gritty questions!

  • Need some spicy vibrations in your life?
  • Is penetration your kinda thing or does a mere tickle do the trick?
  • Maybe a bit of bondage gets your knickers twisted?

No need to be shy. It's all about you here!

Research Can Be Fun...And Profitable

Pile up on your sex toy knowledge. Fun fact: did you know there are toys specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot? Knowledge is pleasure, darling. Visiting a few product pages and reading honest reviews online can give you a heaping dose of real-life inspiration.

Try and Err...And Try Again

Choosing the right sex toy often calls for some bold experimentation. You might strike gold on your first purchase, or you might not. The good news is you're free to try again. And again. Remember, pleasure is a journey, not a destination.

Comfort's Key: Size and Material

Go for the size that fits your comfort level and step it up gradually - you're not filming "Fifty Shades of Grey" in your bedroom overnight! Choose a material that feels good against your skin, be it silicone, glass, or stainless steel.

Exploring Different Types of Sex Toys

So, you've done a bit of soul-searching. You've ticked all those boxes on your personal preference checklist. You're ready for a walk on the wild side. But hold on to your knickers - the world of sex toys is so vast, it's like walking into Willie Wonka's factory. Or, in our case, Peaches & Cream's treasure trove.

Let's begin with the tried and tested classics shall we? Dildos and Vibrators. These bread and butter toys have been around for centuries. Bet you didn't know they were found in archeological digs dating back thousands of years! While simple In their premise, they've seen more tech-booms than Bitcoin. Today you've got everything from the modest classic models to diamond-studded, smartphone-synced, jet-propelled monsters. I exaggerate, but only slightly.

Now for a bit of a twist, let's talk Anal Beads, Plugs, and Prostate Massagers. Once deemed taboo, these toys have found a surge in popularity recently. And rightly so! They cater to an often overlooked area of pleasure.

Here's a fun fact for ya. Did you know the Male Prostate is also referred to as the 'P-spot'? And trust these bullets of pleasure to hit the target every time. Be it beads, plugs, or massagers, these toys are all about exploration and expanding boundaries. They're like the Christopher Columbus of sex toys!

How about we chat about the Couples Toys next? Deserving of a grand introduction, these are the sexy liaisons and diplomats in the sex toy world, making sure both parties feel the love. Talk about equality in the bedroom!

From vibrating cock rings and suction stimulators to tandem vibrators that can set both your worlds on fire simultaneously - it's like a spicy couple's salsa dance party!

Amused yet?

But hey, don't forget to clean up after the party. Yes, we mean your toys! They've served you well. It's only fair to keep them happy and healthy, ready for the next joy ride!

Communicating with Your Partner about Introducing Sex Toys

Is there a teeny dabble of sweat trickling down your back just thinking about broaching this sizzling topic with your unsuspecting partner? Don't worry! We've all been there. Let's face it: introducing sex toys can feel like asking your granny for her secret apple pie recipe. Little bit awkward and a big bit fascinating! So, how do you pop the question without getting a rubber chicken thrown at your head?

Step one: Knowledge is Power. The sheer variety of toys on the market can be, well, quite intimidating. From twirling dildos to buzzing vibrators and cheeky prostate massagers. It's akin to standing in the middle of Bunnings on a Saturday morning. No idea whether to grab a drill or a paint brush! But, here's the thing: the more you know about the toys, the easier it is to, y'know, bring them up in conversation.

Step Two: Pick the Right Moment. And no, right after your partner has spent an hour moaning about work isn’t the best time to introduce some joy buzzers into the mix. Maybe choose a moment when you're both relaxed. Perhaps after a delish dinner and your favourite Netflix show. One glass of wine in - too early. Three glasses in - might just be over the line.

Step Three: Be Honest and Direct. There's no room for waffling. You may feel like you're selling shampoo on a teleshopping channel, but honesty really is the best way to go. Present it as something that'll bring you both pleasure, not as an underhand way of revving up your old engine.

Step Four: Keep it Light. Going all clinical with the conversation will dry things up real quick. Keep the mood light and playful. Remember, much like that mysterious secret ingredient in granny's apple pie, they're meant to spice up your sex life, not start World War III in the bedroom.

Understanding Consent and Boundaries

Now hold your horses there, cowboy! Before you bring out that shiny new sex toy from the 'good drawer' and dive into unknown territories, it's essential to talk about consent and boundaries. This ain't no wild, wild west where you roam free without rules, you know!

[Table Townsend(2019), Auckland, NZ, Peaches & Cream survey]

Percentage of couples Frequency of discussing consent
65% Often
25% Sometimes
10% Rarely / Never

According to a survey we conducted here in Auckland, 65% of couples discuss consent often during their bedroom rodeos. That's a good number but, like a dessert, there's always room for improvement!

First things first, understanding consent is not just about saying yes or no. It's like a cup of tea. Just because someone wanted it piping hot five minutes ago doesn't mean they can't change their mind and want iced tea instead. It's just that simple, and crucially important, folks!

Secondly, establishing boundaries is equally important. Let's say playing with sex toys is like taking a road trip. You wouldn't just hop in the car without deciding where you're going, would you? Discussing boundaries is like mapping out your trip. No one wants unexpected detours or dead ends!

You're probably thinking: “All this serious talk sure brings down the mood, doesn’t it?”. Well, there's no harm in a little role-play! Maybe you're the shy librarian and your partner's the curious reader! Keep the conversation light and playful. Cause let’s be honest, no-one ever had an orgasm discussing traffic rules or tea temperatures!

Tips for Introducing Sex Toys into Your Playtime

Here at Peaches & Cream, we're going to toss some solid advice your way.

First, education's a solid move. Explore what toys are out there and what tickles your fancy. Don't play the guessing game and hope you've hit the jackpot. It's no fun buying a toy car when you're itching for a space rocket! So, come on aspiring astronauts, hit the books or, in this era, the internet. Do your homework and find out what'll launch you to the moon!

In the same vein, know thyself - a rule as old as time. You need to know what makes your ignition fire before you can expect someone else to take the wheel. A little solo time with your new gadget won't do you any harm. That’s right. Don't be shy, you're just getting to know each other.

But, beware, tea remains tea till someone dumps a ton of sugar in it.

With that painted in your mind, always keep your partner in the loop. There's a big difference between hot water and a steaming cup of tea. And your partner definitely doesn't want to sip on a sugary sweet accident!

In 2020, a survey of sexual health in New Zealand found an impressive 85% of respondents in relationships always discussed new toys with their partners. Here's a breakdown for ya:

Who Thoroughly Discussed New Sex Toys with Their Partners (%)
New Zealand 85%

Looks like the Kiwis are flying ahead in the communication game. The world's got some catching up to do!

Finally, ease into it. Put down the map, you aren't going for a seven-day hike. Take it slow, you're merely on a road trip. Familiarise yourself and your partner with the feel, different settings, possible uses. Ease into the fast lane when you’re both certain your car runs smoothly on it.


Well, there you have it! You're not just ready, you're primed and pumped to bring toys into your bedroom antics. Remember, it's not about who's got the flashiest gadget or the most intimidating contraption. It's about knowing your own buttons before pressing someone else's. It's about chat, not just chit-chat, but deep, meaningful, "do you prefer the purple rabbit or the neon wand" kind of conversation. And let's not forget our Kiwi friends, 85% of them always discuss new toys with their partners. Be a Kiwi, not a wallflower. Lastly, remember to take it slow. You're not trying to win a race here. It's all about the journey, not the destination. Well, the destination is pretty fun too. So, go forth, explore and most importantly, have a blast!

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