Zeus Electro Pads 4 Pack
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Domin8 It’s a really exciting thought isn’t it – your partner directly under your control, ready to do anything you want, when you want. Win the game and your every wish is their command Or maybe tonight you want to relinquish control you feel and give your partner the reins. As game champion just play your Domin8 Me card and the tables are immediately turned! Whatever your fantasy – playing control games with the person you love and trust, is a great way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure while exploring exciting new activities together.
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Domin8 Quickie 24 New & Erotic Domin8 Scenarios Exploring Control Play in an Easy & Fun Way. Domin8 Quickie is the sequel to the well received Role Playing title Domin8. Providing lovers a compact edition of the game, Domin8 Quickie is a game of Sub/Dom play where couples can easily roll the 8 sided die and match their symbol with a role playing scenario painted just for them.
  • 24 Scenario Cards
  • 1 x 8 Sided Die

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Secret Missions Girls Night Out Get your party started with a Bang with Secret Missions – it’s sure to go down a bomb!! As host, choose the most appropriate name tag for each guest from the twelve Party themed badges. On the reverse of each tag is their Secret Mission, known only to them. It may be naughty, it could be cheeky, but it’s sure to be downright hilarious. A great way to break the ice and light the fuse for a wild bash as guests covertly carry out their undercover operations.
  • 12 Secret Mission Badges
  • 12 Metal Clip Badges and Forfei..

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Domination BG-27 Dominance. Submission. Pick your pleasure, and there's no turning back once play begins. The game follows your lead. Feeling submissive? Dominant? Either way, play as you please, with plenty of room for the imagination... A series of challenges to test, tempt and tantalize. Dominant: you'll need to master and control your desire. Submissive: you'll have to surrender control, but also convey your boundaries to your partner. Challenges are never forced on players. But embracing the experience will move you along the board faster. Success is rewarded. Failure is pu..

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  • Double sided magnetic dart board with 10 sexy commands for lovers
  • Includes: Magnetic Dart Board, 4 Magnetic Darts
  • 10”/ 25 cm (board)

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  • Touch Me™ erotic massage game for couples with 3 decks of cards plus rule booklet
  • Tickling feather
  • Pheromone infused massage oil
  • Soft and stretchy dual enhancer ring with flickering tongue to tantalize her
  • Removable, push-button waterproof stimulator
  • Battery included
  • TPR (enhancer) ABS with Silver Plating (stimulator) Ostrich (feather)
  • 6.25” x 3.75” x .75”/16 cm x 9.5 cm x 2 cm (game) 3.5” x 2.5”/9 cm x 6.25 cm (enhancer) 2.75” x .75”/7 cm x 2 cm (stimulator) ..

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Have you ever dreamed of having sex under the stars? This is the ultimate Glow-in-the-dark Game for couples that makes that outdoor sex fantasy a reality - without getting caught in public! Turn any intimate experience into a sexy, glowing rendezvous under the stars with this complete game kit. Packed with glowing versions of favorite toys, game possibility and sexy accessories, the seven pieces in BodyWand's Card Game set were hand picked to provide luminous pleasure and couple-centered fun. A set of glowing game cards suggest various sexy scenarios to act out with a partner. The t..

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Strip or Tease Unleash the inner God and Goddess in each other with the erotically charged game of Strip or tease. With a booklet to show him and her the art of Stripping and Teasing, how to set the scene, the right music, clothing, lighting etc Strip or Tease will help you perfect the art of undressing erotically and sexily, tantalising each other with thoughts of what may be to come… Let the game strip you of your inhibitions and tease each other with the show of a lifetime. It’s time to play…
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Fifty Days of Play Who will be the dominant player today and who will play a more submissive role? Only the envelope can decide… Fifty Days of Play has 50 secret envelopes that progress through 5 levels of play, ranging from intimate moments together, through stimulating scenarios, to erotic surprises. Not only can you use the envelopes as part of this game, you can sneak envelopes into your partner’s purse or wallet as a naughty surprise that is waiting for them to get home. On a weekend away why don’t you both randomly choose a few envelopes and use them to fill your time away w..

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Girlie Nights Double Dare Dice Double Dare Dice are the essential addition to any girlie night out. Roll a good combination and you could end up grinding with the bartender…Roll a duff and you’ll be tweaking the nipples of the geekiest guy!
  • 3 x Girls Night out Bar Dare Dice

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The Path to Pleasure Where the Journey is as Exciting as the Destination Awaken your senses and prepare for pleasure with the game that takes you on a journey of sexual discovery. Behind every square you will find an intimate question or sensual act to bring the two of you closer together. With three stages of excitement the game starts by awakening desire, moves through anticipation, building warmer challenges until it explodes in a crescendo of passion and pleasure.
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Die
  • 6 Playing Pieces

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Are you ready for some naughty fun and games? Try our Sinner’s Wheel, an eight games in one spinning wheel that gives you a whole new game with every card you place on the spindle! It’s a great ice breaker for sexy parties as it tells you exactly what to do if you’re willing! From “3rd Base & Beyond” to “Blow me Please” all the way to “Ass and You Shall Receive” – these activities will have you laughing and bonding with your friends and partner at every turn!

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Looking for a fun and playful way to spice up your sex life? Try Wheels of Desire, a great spinning game for couples or adventurous groups. Its eight games in one every new disc gives you a whole new set of options from A Mild Game of Romance to Crazy Cunnilingus. Find out which game is best for you or try them all. Theres sure to be something to turn everyone on. Awesome Romance Enhancer. Great For Couples And Parties. Perfect Ice Breaker. Requires 2 AA Batteries (not included) 8 Fun and Exciting Games:
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Bachelorette scratcher Six scratch spaces are on each card. Scratch each space to reveal an exciting challenge for the future bride to do on her last night out with the girls. She must scratch all stars and successfully complete the challenges.

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Sexy BDSM-stlyed actions await to be acted out with each of the 8 winning scratch tickets. Match 3 and the winner gets to interpret the matching action that is listed.

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Curiously explore bondage and discipline with the game that includes a 14-inch latex whip which you can use to tease or spank your lover. When the game is over, the winner gets to roll the giant die for a bondage-incorporated sexual position to act out.

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Fantasy Affairs centers game play around various affair scenarios. Perhaps it is the housewife who yearns to seduce her handyman, or the worked up strip club patron eager to have a private performance. Whatever your secret fantasies are or can become, Fantasy Affairs offers you a safe, creative, and sexually satisfying way to embrace them with your lover. The most unique element of this game is in the exploration of creative kissing. Have you ever swept your eyelashes past your lover's cheek before a kiss to offer a Butterfly Kiss? Or taped your mouth shut and begged to be ..

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The 'Red Room' Expansion pack. For the more daring only! Requires orginal Fifty Shades Board Game: Stow your twitchy palm, grab your friends and play the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game!

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The game where the most awful answers win! Players discreetly submit their most awful answers to 216 options across four crazy categories covering trivia and fill-in-the-blank statements, plus questions. Play with a group of 3-8 players, or play EPIC FAIL! as a tournament with 12-16 players.

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Learn about your friends through four categories of intimate and interesting questions. Sample questions include: "Which of my old boyfriends would I most like to hear from?" "What is my favorite vice?" Win the game by being the player that best guesses how her friends will answer. Great fun for ALL of your ladies night events. Game includes: Ladies Night Spinner, 1 Ladies Night game pad, 40 Just for Fun question cards, 40 lifestyle question cards, 40 Style & Relationships question cards. Number of Players: 2 or more ..

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