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Dope The Game Of Dumb Questions

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How well do you know your dopey friends? This game helps you find out with over 300 dopey questions! Learn how truly dopey and doped out your friends can be through four categories of fun questions. Win the game by being the player that best guesses how...

Described as a game of dumb questions for three or more players, its categories include: In the Joint, Duh or Huh?, Up in Smoke, and Simply Stoned. A player spins the spinner and is asked one of the two questions from the card by another player. He/she/they then writes down an answer on the pad and the first other player to guess the answer (or closest to the answer) wins the card. Sample questions include ‘Which cereal brand mascot would I most like to have breakfast with?’ and ‘Where was I the last time I was locked inside something?’.


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