Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades Red Room Expansion Pack

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The 'Red Room' Expansion pack. For the more daring only!
Requires original Fifty Shades Board Game: Stow your twitchy palm, grab your friends and play the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game! ##

Take it in turns to read a question aloud from the vanilla-themed style card deck and discover what your friends think about you, your sex life, and the story that everyone's talking about. Romantic, fun and liberating, this great Fifty Shades-inspired board game is suitable for groups between 3 and 8 will entertain and surprise with its revealing questions and saucy Christian Grey anecdotes.

The reader asks the group and everyone writes down which friend they think best suits the answer. Everyone who guesses the same name as the reader gets an 'Inner Goddess' token. First to reach 20 tokens wins. Warning! Watch out for surprise 'Twitchy Palm' cards hidden inside the Vanilla deck. 

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